The Kanye West Debate, Pt 1: Why We Need Him

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Five Reasons To Give Thanks For… Kanye

1. Kim Is Contained

Brexit? Rio Olympics? The US presidential race? Zika virus? ISIS? Do you really think we’d know about any of this stuff if Kim Kardashian was single and dating the way, say, Taylor Swift is now with Tom Hiddleston? Not a chance! The news media  – from Fox News and TMZ to The Guardian and the International Journal Of Global Policy’s quarterly journal – would all be devoted 24/7 to tracking Kim Kardashian’s every flirtation and hook-up. Since 2012, however, she has been off the scene, in thrall to his Yeezynus. Granted, we hear about them a lot, but it could be so, so much worse. So, thanks, K.


2. Taylor Swift

Speaking of the Tay-Tay-1000’s relentless assault on all thing media (and possible plan for literal world domination), are future generations going to look back on Kanye as some sort of John Connor? There he was at the 2009 MTV Music Video awards, interrupting America’s girl next door as she tried to accept her gong for Best Female Video. Back then he looked like a jackass. But increasingly, as the Swiftization of the globe continues, he’s beginning to look like a freedom fighter who bum-rushed the stage to warn us all that Swift-net was about to become self-aware. True to his calling as the anti-Swift, Kanye continues to T-snipe – by dissing her in song and mocking her in waxwork – while the rest of the world T-fawns. We salute you, hero!


3. Art & Music That’s Distinctly His

You don’t have to like what he does but there’s no denying Kanye is a talented artist and musician. His music is uncompromising. His videos are increasingly out there. Who else would have the guts to release a song like Famous and then double-down with an epic nude-celebrity video that forces us to examine his and his wife’s celebrity, along with that of figures as diverse as President Bush and Amber Rose? And you could dig into the album Yeezus and its forensic investigation of his life and times for years and not get to the bottom of it. Some of it’s pretty catchy, too. Praise, er, god.


4. He Says What He Thinks

“I am a god!” Who else would be insane enough to believe it and say it? Here at Men’s Style, we’ve been fortunate enough to interview a celebrity or two in our time and we can report while they’re almost always very pleasant and very thoughtful people, there’s seldom any danger involved because they’re guarded as to what they’ll say about themselves and others. But Kanye? We’d love to interview him because he says whatever the hell he thinks — or half-thinks or doesn’t think — and gives precisely zero f**k about the consequences. Thing is, we don’t have to interview him because it’s all there, unfiltered, on his Twitter page, from the banal (sneakers) to the sublime (he’s, um, a god) to the totes wack (Cosby is innocent). Whatever you think of what he thinks, you can’t help respect that in a world of sanitised and safe celebrity he’s a dude who tells it the way he thinks it is. It’s as entertaining as all hell and we suspect it’s at least part performance art/social media trolling. It’s the censorship that Mr West rejects that we adore!


5. Kanye For President!

Thanks to him taking Kim K. off the dating market, we do have a bit of an idea of what’s going on in the US presidential election. We’re able to report this back: yikes! It’s like the tagline for that crappy crossover movie Alien Vs Predator: “Whoever wins, we lose.” On one hand we’ve got the narcissistic, racist and xenophobic Republican oompa-loompa Donald Trump, who, quite genuinely, might push the button in a fit of insanity and utter the words “You’re fired!” to his missiles (and the whole world). On the other hand, now that Bernie Sanders has gone back to running KFC, the Democratic candidate is Hillary Clinton, the shifty-as-shoulder-pads insider we all know would pave over Main Street if her Wall Street mates slipped her a fifty.  Thing is: one of them will be president. For four years. Then it’s Yeezy’s turn. Could it be any worse? You’ve got our vote, Kanye!

Stay Tuned – Why We Don’t Need Kanye will be posted soon.