The Future Of Luxury Travel

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VR hotels will offer adventure escapes and 3D printed wardrobes.

To celebrate their 70th anniversary, InterContinental Hotels & Resorts teamed up with world-famous Faith Popcorn to predict the next 70 years of luxury travel.

What she found sounds like something out of a sci-fi blockbuster.

“Consumers will be craving immersive experiences which will allow them to indulge in luxury in both a physical and a virtual sense,” reported Popcorn, who’s been called “The Trend Oracle” by The New York Times and the “Nostradamus of marketing” by Fortune.

“By harnessing virtual reality and the constant flow of personal likes, dislikes and bio-data, hotels will be able to provide guests with once-in-a-lifetime experiences seamlessly and spontaneously—or so it will seem,” she wrote.


What that means is that hotels and tourist operators will offer VR tech so that guests can share their holidays in real-time with friends and family anywhere in world.

Loving that African safari? VR will mean you can do better than send a selfie to your mum—you’ll be able to immerse her in the experience in UHD 3D!


Popcorn also reckons that packing clothes might be a lot simpler in the future because luxury hotels will team with high-end fashion labels to offer guests customisable fashions that can be 3-D printed right in your room.

Arrive at the Great Barrier Reef only to find you’ve forgotten your swimming togs? No problem. Just print up the latest style before you hit the beach.

But Popcorn says you might not even have to leave your hotel or room for that animal adventure or those undersea vistas.

That’s because technology and design will make venues into thrilling destinations in themselves, offering fantasy escapes or game-like environments.

It all sounds like Total Recall — though hopefully with less exploding-head moments.