The Five Things That Are Undermining Your Workout

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Working hard for no results? This is what you might be doing wrong . . .


That feeling of tiredness that lingers despite your careful regime of exercise? Could be the symptom of an iron deficiency, which can be corrected by eating more lean, red meat and dark, leafy greens. A steak with a spinach salad? Spot on.



Pre-workout carbs, post-workout protein — it’s a simple rule, but it doesn’t work if the fuel you put in your body isn’t the right type. Whole grains like oats and brown breads and cereals are perfect just before you hit the gym, whereas refined carbs like white bread, rice and pasta is stored as fat rather than used as energy in exercise.

Gym mistakes

Good form allows you to train harder for longer, exercise at a higher intensity, and avoid injuries that confine you to the couch for weeks on end. Personal training is the best way to correct your technique — and if you can’t afford regular PT sessions, at least invest in a few to get the basics down pat. Skipping your warm-up and failing to plan a routine with timed rest period are other common workout mistakes.



Discipline is key to long-term fitness goals, but it’s tough to stick to a routine with no variety. Follow Men’s Style’s guide on how to avoid workout boredom (link: to make sure you keep mixing it up by training with friends and incorporating different activities like cycling, rock climbing and kayaking into your regimen.


There’s no negotiation on this one: you need a solid seven hours’ of sleep. A bad night’s kip slows down your metabolism, makes you crave food, and means you’re much more likely to hit snooze on your six o’clock alarm than bounce of bed for a gym session to start the day.