The Five Keys To a Stronger Erection

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A few useful tips to get the wood and keep the wood.


A good work-out gets the blood pumping, the endorphins flowing, and boosts your testosterone, which improves your sex drive and produces a stronger erection. On the other hand, a sedentary lifestyle clogs your arteries, making it more difficult to maintain an erection, and heavier blokes also have higher rates of oestrogen, which is linked to erectile dysfunction. Feeling confident about your body also offsets any performance anxiety you might suffer.


Food and drink

Everything that’s good for the health of your body is also good for the health of your boner — fruit, veg, grains, nuts, and all the other foods that help your heart. Alcohol — whisky dick, brewer’s droop, drunk dick, whatever you call it — also reduces blood flow downstairs and dulls your sensitivity, meaning you last longer but not stronger. Quit the cigarettes, too — smoking is known to cause impotence and damage blood vessels, turning your hard-on soft.



This is a very simple thing you can do in the bedroom to improve your performance in the bedroom. Sleep is linked to every part of your wellbeing, and especially your libido — a week of poor sleep dents your testosterone levels by 10%, but can go back to normal with a solid week’s shut-eye — and being tired all the time also does no favours for your desire.



This one comes down to simple gravity: more blood will flow to your erection if you’re on top or standing — so stick to doggy style or missionary if you’re trying to keep it simple. And if you want to maintain a strong erection for longer, wearing a condom keeps your sensitivity under control and keeps you from, ahem, arriving too early.

Get a little help

If you have a jog, an apple, and a good night’s sleep are you’re still flying at half-mast, it might be time for a bit of medical assistance. Viagra and its main competitors Cialis and Levitra all pack a punch in pill form, stimulating blood flow to the penis. Viagra is the market leader but Cialis might be the best bet for blokes with performance anxiety — it’s nicknamed ‘the weekend pill’ because it lasts for 36 hours, allowing you to be more spontaneous than you would be on the little blue pill, which you need to pop 30 minutes before you jump into bed.