The Donald Turns 70

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The presumptive Republican presidential nominee enters his seventh decade on earth today… it may be his most active.

If elected as the 45th President of the USA later this year, Donald Trump will actually be the oldest president in history, beating Ronald Reagan, who reached the highest office in the land at 69 years old.

Celebrating his 70th birthday today, it’s a point not much discussed in the campaign so far (though Bernie Sanders age, 75, was often discussed during the primaries), perhaps because of Trump’s dye job and fake tan hue.


The question remains, of course, as to whether Trump ever really expected to be in this position, a national ballot away from the top job. As reported in Forbes, Trump announced last month that he made $557 million of income in 2015/16, and increase on the $362 million announced as his 2014/15 income.

Trump says his net worth is more than $10 billion, while other says it’s closer to $4.5 billion. Either way, it supports the idea his campaign was of a protest, point-scoring nature rather than a serious pursuit, and now has ended up here.

And either way, he can afford a birthday cake in his own image, as a Twitter user posted after his child requested one (WTF?).