The Art Of Buying An Engagement Ring

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Paula Keshett of Keshett Jewellery in Melbourne reveals how to make the perfect statement.

What does a man need to consider before he embarks on such an important decision?

He should be looking at his partner to work out the sort of things she looks at. His partner might have a Pinterest board where she’s pinned a few things. From that he should be able to work out whether she’s more a modern girl, or more inspired by vintage things; whether she wants to blend in with the crowd or stand out in the crowd.

Do many couples come in together?

Not many these days. A lot of men will come in on their own and that’s fabulous! It’s a fantastic trend. Once they come in you’re able to tell whether they’re imaginative or not. Some will just want that look-a-like solitaire and others will know she wants something that will look different, in which case we might steer him towards a more vintage-style solitaire – it’s more eternal with a style that doesn’t change but it stands out. He’ll know; women throw hints and stand in front of shop windows saying, “that’s beautiful”. He just needs to pick up on the cues.

Vintage style, meaning new pieces made to look like older pieces?

Yes, we make new pieces look different but with a vintage design and aesthetic. That’s important today and a lot of celebrities are wearing that style of piece so lots of customers are also interested in those sorts of pieces.


How involved is the process most men undertake to buy ‘the ring’?

They come in and look around and we ask those important questions about what she likes, what they’ve seen her like, whether she’s highly fashionable or more conservative, what is her profession… sometimes we even look at photos to see what her hand is like, and through this process we soon get an idea of what sort of woman his partner is and we try and steer him towards something that’s unique. A piece that people will comment on and make him proud. Our motto is “where difference defines you” so we get excited about different, unique pieces.

Are there trends when it comes to engagement rings?

Diamonds are number one and sapphires are also very popular. In terms of settings, the solitaire type setting and the halo setting are the two most popular settings. We always encourage men to make their own choice because later on, if she comes back to have it resized, perhaps, and she absolutely adores the ring, you can see how proud and chuffed he is about making the right decision.

Do most men have a price in mind when they come in to the store?

They mostly do have a set amount but that often shifts when they see what they can get for their money.

Do you mostly sell to people marking an occasion?

Yes, people celebrating life’s milestones, because that’s the beauty of jewellery – it’s sentimental and emotional.


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