The 50 Most Powerful Men on Instagram: No’s 50 to 41

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The beginning of our 50 to 1 countdown of the most influential men on one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, Instagram.

50. Luis Suarez

@luissuarez9 — 21.9m followers

Go inside the FC Barcelona dressing rooms with the toothy Uruguayan striker who has a penchant for nibbling opponents.

49. Blake Scott

@blakescott_ — 467k followers

Studied science at college — hardly a typical path towards becoming one of Los Angeles’ premier style influencers.

48. Alex Honnold

@alexhonnold — 504k followers

Gravity-defying rock-climber from the States whose snaps are every bit as incredible as his free solo ascents of big walls.

47. DeRay Mckesson

@iamderay — 59k followers

Only a modest following but an enormous amount of power as the founder of the Black Lives Matter movement, which conducts much of its activism through social media.

46. Daniele Zaccone

@danielre — 570k followers

Founder of The Italian Flair, the online epitome of ‘Sprezzatura’ and one of the most influential #menswear blogs in the world.

45. Channing Tatum

@channingtatum — 14.4m followers

If you had abs like Tatum’s, you’d get your rig out on social media, too.


44. Alex Strohl

@alexstrohl — 1.8m followers

Madrid-born, French-raised, Montana-based photographer whose wilderness landscape pics will give you an incurable case of wanderlust.

43. Gary Vaynerchuk

@garyvee — 1.6m followers

Born in the Soviet Union, built a $60 million fortune as a wine critic then a $100 million social media agency, invested in Uber, Snapchat, and Facebook, now a four-time New York Times best-seller. The world’s most interesting man? Perhaps.

42. Alex Jimenez

@theyachtguy — 790k followers

This is a profile that does what it says on the tin: luxury yachts, and lots of them. Essential following for luxury lifestyle voyeurs.

41. Snoop Dogg

@snoopdogg — 17m followers

Snoop has nailed this whole Instagrizzle thing, posting an inimitable mix of dank memes, blurry selfies, and wobbly videos amid a haze of smoke.