The 50 Most Powerful Men on Instagram: No’s 10 To 1!

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Who makes Numero Uno in our 50-to-1 series of the most powerful male influencers on Instagram?

10. Lionel Messi

@leomessi — 72.5m followers

Leo’s hardly Kardashian-like in his post frequency but (arguably) the world’s footballer still has 72m-plus followers hanging on his every post.

9. Josh Ostrovsky

@thefatjewish — 10m followers

His Wikipedia entry describes Ostrovsky as an “American pop-culture commentator and model”, but his Insta followers know “The Fat Jew” as the interwebz’ pre-eminent meme lord.

8. The Rock

@therock — 87.3m followers

Martin Scorsese isn’t casting him anytime soon but Dwayne Johnson’s legion of fans certainly like smelling what the Rock is cooking.

7. Adam Gallagher

@iamgalla — 2m followers

The suave New Yorker is the men’s style and lifestyle influencer par excellence, aged just 25.

6. Pharrell Williams

@pharrell — 9.6m followers

Singer, rapper, film producer, artist, music producer, fashion designer, hat wearer. His Instagram bio perhaps best summarises Pharrell: “i am OTHER”.

5. Tom Ford

@tomford — 5.4m followers

How many accounts does Tom Ford follow? Zero. Zilch. None. That takes a special kind of swagger that the legendary designer turned film producer possesses in spades. It should be noted the account features mainly product, with a bit of high-end celebrity as well.

4. David Beckham

@davidbeckham — 37.2m followers

Most 41-year-old fathers of four retreat into sneakers and jeans with a Disneyland T-shirt they picked up in 1997 — but not the ever-stylish, Armani-clad Becks.

3. Justin Bieber

@justinbieber — 87.4m followers

Love him or hate him — okay, you hate him — you can’t ignore Biebs, and his Insta following that’s larger than any other male entertainer on the planet.

2. Kevin Systrom

@kevin — 1.4m followers

Who? The CEO and co-founder of Instagram. So if we’re talking the most powerful men on Insta, you’ve got to mention the bloke holding the keys.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo

@cristiano — 102m followers

Football fans can squabble over whether Ronaldo or Messi is the best player on the planet, but there’s no question who’s top dog on Instagram. The most followed man on earth has 25 million more admirers than the next sportsman (FC Barcelona’s Neymar, 75m) and 60 million more than the next most popular European (British model Cara Delevingne, 40m) . . . and we suspect that’s exactly the way this immaculately preened Portuguese likes it.