The 10 Coolest Things Right Now

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The best cars, toys, sights and sounds on the planet…

1. Cars — McLaren 570GT

Billed as “the most luxurious and relaxing of any McLaren to date”, this glass-roofed masterpiece should be on local roads by the end of spring. Now that Brexit’s happened and the British pound has taken a beating, you will have no problem affording this sweet ride. Well, maybe not, as this British supercar will retail for $406,800, plus on-road costs. Still, we can dream.


2. Wear — Broadcast Shirts

If you like to get a message across with your T-shirts, then Broadcast is gonna rock your world. This revolutionary digital T-shirt allows you to use your smartphone to customise your slogan and image as often as you like. Available in November from $US59.


3. Shoot — Olympus AIR

This camera lens/body pairs with any smartphone for SLR-quality photos. All of the top-shelf camera functions — optical zoom, big bright apertures, strong low light performance and shallow depth of field — are offered with ease and convenience. Brilliant. From around $A400.


4. Decor — Loop

For a while digital picture frames were all the rage. Thing was they looked as dull as their non-digital predecessors—and sticking a USB in the back was a bore. But Loop promises to put digital frames back in pride of place. That’s because it’s a 20cm HD screen with a retro funky design that makes it look like an old-school TV set, right down to the functional knobs. Better yet – it’ll connect to online photo and video services via Wi-Fi.


5. Instruments — Seabird Rise

While it sounds like a radical environmental group, Seabird Rise is actually a revolutionary new MIDM musical instrument that might make a pop star out of you yet. Resembling an old computer graphics tablet but sounding like every instrument you’ve ever heard, it’s a soft and foamy-feeling keyboard-style device that can be used like a piano or a guitar while offering total synthesiser control over sound production. Seabird Rise has been acclaimed by music and tech nerds everywhere. So, time to start that band…


6. Aircraft — Parrot Disco

Why settle for a flimsy quadcopter drone when you can go for a sleek fixed-wing model that looks like it was built to take out ISIS in Syria? Despite its benign name, the Parrot Disco is a sleek sky predator. With a top speed of 80km/h, it can stay aloft for 45 minutes, which is plenty of time to establish air superiority at your next corporate picnic. Price TBC, available later this year from –


Check out the prototype test flight here:

7. Audio — Vertu Headphones

Forget ticky-tacky earbuds! Your deserve these luxury British headphones, which are made with aircraft aluminium, wrapped in lambskin leather and offer Bang & Olufsen tuning. From $1,242.


8. Rides – Bajaboard

A star of last weekend’s  inaugural Technology and Gadget Expo in Melbourne was the rad electric vehicle called the Bajaboard. This next-gen skateboard is an off-road beast that can clock up to 55km/h and is controlled with a hand throttle. While still in development, the proof-of-concept video is off the hook, though the price tag’s said to be in the $3,000 range when it releases.

9. Films – Anthropoid

In a year crowded with sequels and comic book movies, Anthropoid looks like a rare throwback to old-style cinematic entertainment. Starring Jamie Dornan and Cillian Murphy, it’s about the real-life WWII assassination of top Nazi and Holocaust engineer Reinhard Heydrich in Prague in 1942. Releases in August.


10. Music – Nice As F*ck


Now that’s a band name. Fronted by Jenny Lewis, the sexy chanteuse who headed up Rilo Kiley before lighting out for a successful solo career, Nice As F*ck are something of an alt-supergroup, rounded out by Au Revoir Simone’s Erika Forster and The Like’s Tennessee Thomas. NAF appeared out of nowhere at a Bernie Sanders benefit in April, released their first single Door last week and dropped a surprise self-titled nine-track LP late last week. It’s up on Spotify but you can check out Door here: