The 10 Best Halloween Costume Ideas of 2016

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Our suggested modes of Halloween dress to scare the bejesus out of the neighbours.

Heading to a Halloween party next weekend? Cut through the crowd of Harambes and Harley Quinns with these costume ideas . . .

David Bowie

The ice-blue Life on Mars suit, the Ziggy Stardust lighting makeup, the Space Oddity space suit, the evil Goblin King in Labyrinth . . . it was like the man went out of his way to give fans a buffet of costume ideas at Halloween.


Alan Rickman

Another entertainment legend gone too soon with plenty of options to choose from — Professor Snape’s black cape, his glam rock-inspired Sheriff of Nottingham, or Hans Gruber’s charcoal double-breasted suit. Yippee-Ki-Yay.



Inject a bit of Purple Rain into the party by dressing as the artist formerly known as Prince. Any excuse to don a purple corduroy jacket . . .


Gene Wilder

Another great performer you could pay tribute to this year — plus, if you’ve got a few vertically challenged companions, Ooompa Loompas make the perfect sidekicks. And you can use the leftover fake tan on . . .


Donald Trump

To give your American friends the creeps, you just need another couple of cans of spray-on tan, a cheap, billowy suit, and a piece of roadkill to strap onto your head.


Ken Bone

The unwitting hero of the 2016 US election and the perfect costume for the huskier gent. Red knitted sweater? Check. Disposable camera? Check. Pornstache? Check.


Nigel Farage

Post-Brexit, the ghost of Nigel Farage is certain to haunt your Pommy mates. Only £3.23 on Amazon — no prizes for guessing customers also bought David Cameron and Boris Johnson masks.


A clown

If you want to be the most hated man in the room. By far the worst thing to emerge from the United States in 2016 — and given this was the year Donald Trump secured a presidential nomination, it had plenty of competition.


Ryan Lochte

A close relative of the previous suggestions. You just need a Team USA tracksuit, a swag of silver medals (and a head of silver hair), and a ridiculous excuse for why you were late to the party that no one could possibly believe.


Zombie Pauline Hanson

Perhaps the most terrifying of the lot comes from our own backyard — the red-headed racist who came back from the dead in 2016.