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Taron Egerton – Just A Country Boy

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Taron Egerton

Taron Egerton announced himself in Kingsman: Secret Service and now the sky’s the limit.

Aberystwyth. After seeing him as “Eggsy” in Kingsman: Secret Service, we could have sworn Taron Egerton was from East London but no, he was brought up mostly in the small and hard-to-pronounce tourist town of Aberystwyth on the west coast of Wales.

Recently seen on our screens in Eddie The Eagle (pictured, below), playing a real man in hapless English ski jumper Eddie Edwards, Egerton is a long way from Aberystwyth now. In fact, in a crowded field of bright young things coming through the acting ranks to claim the unofficial title of “next great British actor”, Egerton would seem to have taken a narrow lead.


“To be perfectly honest, I like pressure,” Egerton has said. “It’s something I find exciting. And I am the kind of personality that gets very, bored very easily. The work I try and involve myself with is ordinarily determined by how much it sort of frightens me.”

Next up for the 25-year old is Billionaire Boys Club about rich kids in LA, the title role in Robin Hood: Origins, and the sequel to Kingsman – reprising Eggsy – opposite our Winter cover star Chaning Tatum.

Some are even quietly tipping Egerton as a thture James Bond. Now wouldn’t that be something for a boy from coastal Wales.

As seen in the Winter 2016 issue of Men’s Style Australia.