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Does marijuana have a place in sports?

Getting stoned and getting fit aren’t pursuits we traditionally associate with each other.

But California has long been a leader in workout trends and drug use, so it’s no surprise to hear that San Francisco will soon be home to Power Plant Fitness, a gym for marijuana users looking to put on muscle.

Co-founder Jim McAlpine, a marketing entrepreneur, says his, er, new joint won’t just be a gimmick where the music system plays Pink Floyd.

He told reporters yesterday that members will get a professional assessment of how they can mix weed and workouts, whether that means they should trade the vape for cookies and whether it’s better to use pot as a pre-training boost or a post-exercise reward.

The gym’s customers will be allowed to ingest marijuana on the premises, though they’ll be prohibited from smoking it in keeping with state law.

“Marijuana, if you use it in a responsible way, accentuates the parts of sports that you love and helps you to do them better,” claimed McAlpine, who’ll also be selling pot-laced edibles and concentrates on site. “I think sports will become one of the bigger pieces of the marijuana industry. It’s very much in line with the idea that people and society are starting to understand that marijuana is medicine.”

As wacky-tobaccy as his claims might sound, McApline’s ideas are gaining supporters for the marijuana workout.

Earlier this year, he established the 420 Games, dedicated to destigmatising the use of marijuana by sportspeople. The organisation’s inaugural games were held in Santa Monica in late March and attracted 1700 competitors across various events. More 420 Games festivals have been scheduled in California, Denver, Colorado and Washington over the rest of the year.

“We will bring a fun run, music & beer tasting to each location, along with awareness, education and support of the booming cannabis industry,” the website promises. “Come sweat it out with us in your city!”



You have to admit, it sounds fun.

Meanwhile, others are jumping onto the weed-and-workout bandwagon.

Former NBA All-Star Cliff Robinson has gone so far as to trademark Sports Cannabis™, which he plans to sell via his company Uncle Spliffy®.

“We are innovating marijuana designed for athletes, also known as Sports Cannabis, which will become the third largest market in the cannabis space behind recreational and medical marijuana,” Robinson claims.


Even the American NFL is being pressured to ease off its pot prohibition.

Earlier this year, Kyle Turley, a former offensive lineman, founded the Gridiron Cannabis Coalition, comprised of former pro players who believe medical marijuana should be allowed as an alternative to addiction-causing pharmaceuticals.


What do you think?

Would marijuana benefit Australian sports?

Would your gym be a more relaxed place?

Would it help chill out those rugby league bruisers on Mad Monday?