Six Signs You’re A Stylish Guy

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Some of the hallmarks of a man who understands how to develop a personal style…

You have a suit for every occasion

Let’s start with the basics: fashionable men have a wardrobe full of suits that, well, suit any event that’s thrown at them — your solid navy go-to, a patterned suit for less formal occasions, a lighter cotton suit for summer, and a black suit for the really serious stuff — and there’s a world of difference between $250 off-the-rack jobs and the worthwhile investment in bespoke garments, customised by a quality tailor.


You nail casual

Fashionable men know the difference between dressing casual and dressing like a slob. There’s no sign of worn-out T-shirts plastered in tacky prints, hoodies and track pants, and baggy, faded denim — instead, the stylish guy dons fitted tees and smart polos, on-trend loafers, and dark denim paired with a statement blazer on dressier occasions.


You accessorise well

Admirers notice the little things, and the stylish guy knows his accessories. Your classic navy suit is taken to another level by a playful pocket square, you’re never spotted without an elegant wristwatch, you carry a statement man bag into the office, and you wear a sleek pair of sunglasses rather than some $20 pair from the service station.


You wear great shoes

In the Shawshank Redemption, Andy Dufresne snuck out with the warden’s shiny black dress shoes and queried, “Seriously, how often do you really look at a man’s shoes?” Well, Andy, quite a bit, actually. Even the sharpest suit can be undone by scruffy footwear — invest in a few pairs of top-drawer Oxfords, monk straps and brogues and take care of them properly with a regular polish.

Tom Hiddleston for Gucci.

You’re immaculately groomed

Just like your shoes, an on-point outfit can be totally undermined by bags under your eyes, dandruff on your shoulders, dry, scaly skin on your forehead, and a cheap cologne on your neck. A luxe signature scent, regular visits to the barber (we’re talking every six to eight weeks to somewhere better than your local $15 cheapie), good dental hygiene, all the requisite facial scrubs and moisturisers, and a good shaving routine are critical to the stylish man’s all-important grooming regimen.


You’re confident

Self-consciousness is the stinkiest cologne, and there’s nothing more stylish than carrying yourself with an air of confidence — that comes from knowing your wardrobe well, having a number of reliable staple garments, expressing yourself authentically through your outfits, and feeling comfortable with what you wear, rather than jumping at the shadows of the latest trends and trying that little bit too hard to be fashionable.