Six Signs She’s Cheating On You

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The telltale indicators that you may no longer be in a monogamous relationship…

She does a lot more yoga classes

Or she’s going out on a lot more girls nights, doing a lot more overtime at work, or spending a lot more time at the gym . . . or she’s just using any excuse to go MIA for a couple of hours. Not only are these unexplained absences cause for alarm, but it makes it harder and harder to find time for a date night — and if she’s not interested in spending time with you, maybe she’s found someone else to have a candle-lit dinner with.

She doesn’t want sex

Okay, you might usually be the one who taps her on the shoulder to ask for it — but if your requests are being met with a greater volume of ‘not tonight’ excuses than usual, and you go from doing it every night to once a fortnight if you’re lucky, you’ve got to ask the question whether someone else is, ahem, filling her quota.


She’s too quiet

You mightn’t always love your partner’s over-sharing — the minutiae of her day at work or the intricate details of the feud she’s having with her family — but the moment she begins to keep all that to herself, that could be a sign she’s found a new go-to guy to share her life with.

She’s revamped her wardrobe

 New threads, weight loss, a bold new haircut . . . there’s loads of reasons she might do any of these things, but cheating’s certainly on the list. It’s doing something drastically out of the ordinary that can be a reason to worry. She might be bored with your relationship, preparing for change, or trying to impress something new — none of which is good news for you, bud.

She protects her phone

If she’s guarding her phone password as tightly as a military general protects the nuclear codes, she’s got something to hide. We’re all a little obsessed with our phone screens but if she’s glued to her WhatsApp inbox while you’re sitting together on the couch, then flicks it on aeroplane mode or charges it in the other room for no good reason, something smells a little fishy.

 She turns on you

Is she accusing you of being too clingy or even turning the tables and accusing you of cheating? Constantly texting to niggle about your whereabouts, or being overly critical of your behaviour? Those strains are a reflection that trust has broken down somewhere else in the relationship — all that paranoia means she’s deflecting to cover her own arse.