Six Signs it’s Time to Break Up

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Recognise the signs that when the relationship is over, it’s over.

You’re avoiding them

 Hanging around at work until 7pm doesn’t sound like such a bad idea, you’re hitting the gym just to get some peace and quiet away from the house, you’re much keener for that Saturday afternoon beer with the boys at the pub. Well, maybe the last one is nothing new, but if you’re actively seeking ways to avoid her rather than prioritising quality time with your partner, then the writing’s on the wall.

You’re having less sex

Without putting too fine a point on it, if your sex life is dead, then so is your relationship. Physical attraction is an absolute non-negotiable so if things have dried up in the bedroom, you need to take steps to fix it or walk away altogether. On the other side of the coin, if mind-blowing sex is the only thing keeping you together, you know there’s no foundation for anything long-term.

You’re on again, off again

Okay, taking a break then getting back together can be a sign of maturity, realising that your life’s better off with your partner in it than not. But constantly yo-yoing in and out of a relationship is a sign of a short memory and you’re more interested in the idea of a relationship than the actual partnership itself. ‘Oh well, it’s better than being alone’ is a terrible reason to stick around.


Chewing with her mouth open, that’s a little bit cute. Leaving dirty clothes piled up in the bathroom, no big deal. Make-up in the sink, nothing a splash of water can’t fix. But now, those little foibles seriously get under your skin. When her annoying habits really start bothering you, that’s an indication there are deep seated dramas eating away at your relationship.

You fight a lot . . . or not at all

Every couple fights, so it’s an overreaction to call it quits after a tiff or two, but slanging matches shouldn’t become the norm — especially over petty issues like putting out the bins or whose turn it is to do the dishes. If you don’t even have the passion for a fight every so often, that’s just as worrying a sign that you’ve both given up.

You’re jealous

Whether you’ve got legit reasons to scroll through your shady partner’s texts or whether you’re being paranoid and controlling, jealousy exposes trust issues that erode the foundation of your relationship. And if she’s got reason to be jealous of you — especially if you’re spending a lot of time wondering if the grass would be greener with someone else — that’s another hint it’s time to call it a day.