Six Essential Products for the Corporate Traveller

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The frequency of people travelling for work has given rise to a whole range of custom products to make the commuter’s life easier…

TUMI Tegra-Lite

Whoever came up with the cliche ‘you get what you pay for’ was talking about Tumi, the luxury travel manufacturer whose quality is found in every fibre of the 100% polypropylene thermoplastic that makes up the stylish Tegra-Lite carry-on case, which not only comes in a range of colours to enhance its elegant woven look but also with locks built into the hard casing for added security. Tumi also offers a top-line range of travel totes and laptop cases with security at the heart of their design.


MJ Bale Saunders suit

Seasoned corporate travellers know the feeling of stepping off a long-haul flight looking like an unmade bed — but MJ Bale is so confident in their crumple-free, 100% Merino wool Saunders suit that in March this year the Australian menswear label flew a model from Sydney to London with a photo shoot waiting at the end of the 20,000km journey. The result? The $899 jacket and trousers — as well as the jet-lagged model — stood up to the test thanks to the suit’s ‘high-twist’ wool, a must for sartorial jet-setters.


Samsonite Cosmolite

The first investment every business traveller needs to make is a durable, lightweight case that fits within the limits of carry-on luggage (dimensions of 105cm, e.g. 55x40x20cm, on domestic flights and 115cm on international journeys) — such as the market-leading Samsonite Cosmolite, which tips the scales at just 1.85kg thanks to the cutting-edge ‘Curv’ thermoplastic used to produce its hard shell. The Cosmolite boasts robust 360-degree wheels and a functional padded interior, including lowered cross ribbons, side pocket and mesh divider.


Aesop Jet Set Kit

Your grooming regime won’t suffer because of business travel when you have Aesop’s Jet Set Kit in your carry-on. This travel-sized kit comes with four convenient 50ml bottles of shampoo, conditioner, geranium leaf body cleanser and rind concentrate body balm to revitalise your skin when you arrive at your destination.


This Is Ground Cordito collection

This Is Ground’s mission statement is to “mobilise customers on the creative journey” and their LA-designed, Italian-made Cordito collection certainly makes it easier to organise your electronics on the move. Choose from the whiskey-coloured Supreme (46x19cm) and Plug (33x17cm) rollups, which have room for eight and four cords respectively plus a pouch for larger items, or the Bandito (48x20cm) for everyday things like pens, glasses, cords and headphones. There’s also a line of tiny cord ‘tacos’ to keep your headphones and charger cables neatly wrapped and knot-free.


Memobottle re-usable water bottle

You’d expect flakes of gold to be floating around in your Mount Franklin given the price you pay for a humble bottle of water at most airports — so save money (and the environment) by investing in a re-usable receptacle. Memobottle produces slimline, lightweight A5 (750ml) and A6 (375ml) bottles designed to slip seamlessly into laptop bags and carry-on cases, making them easier to transport than cumbersome stainless steel alternatives better suited to bush walks than business travel.