Six Boys’ Toys You Won’t Believe Exist

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These outrageously luxurious cars, yachts, TVs, and clothing from Chris Conners’ new luxury book Big Boys’ Toys have prestige oozing from every extra zero on their price tags.

A diamond-coated car

No, not diamond-encrusted — diamond-coated, thanks to Swedish manufacturer Koenigsegg’s weave of carbon fibres and diamond dust that covers the luxury auto with a sparkling finish. Only two were ever made — and one was rumoured to have been purchased by Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather — because of how difficult it was to produce. That rarity explains the $4.8 million asking price . . . well, and the fact that if you key the side of it you can scrape off enough diamond for an engagement ring.

A gold TV

“Stuart Hughes is the man that blings everything”. That’s the headline that comes up when you Google Hughes’ name, and rarely have eight words been able to so perfectly encapsulate a man’s entire career. If you can stick diamonds on it and coat it with gold — iPhones, suits, Nintendos, belts — he’s done it, including this 22 karat gold television. Oh, and it’s scattered with diamonds and topaz and trimmed with alligator skin to make sure you get your $1.5 million’s worth.

A $45,000 shirt

This is a top you really can’t afford to spill your spaghetti bolognese on. Swedish clothier Eton product this number in 2008 using Egyptian cotton studded with diamond buttons and cuff lists, as well as an individual leather case. Oh, and part of the profits go to charity. Yep, that adds up to $45,000.

The world’s most expensive shoes

Four mill on a car? Yeah, you can understand that. $45,000 on a shirt? I guess if it’s comfy. But $2 million on a pair of shoes that look like they’ve been robbed from Liberace’s Vegas mansion? Even rich guys would have to baulk at the asking price for these gaudy slippers, which encrust 14,000 diamonds onto a layer of white gold.

A $7000 shot of Cognac

We’ve heard of expensive hangovers but this is ridiculous. A limited number of Baccarat Dark Crystal decanters were produced to mark the 140th anniversary of Louis XIII as a brand in 2014 and filled with 700ml of Cognac, which when you do the maths on a $165,000 bottle, equates to a little over seven grand a shot. Who’s round?

A bomb-resistant yacht

Now this is something straight out of a James Bond film — the Superyacht A owned by Russian billionaires Andrey and Aleksandra Meininchenko, who commissioned French designer Philippe Starck to create a vessel with a 25,000-square-foot master bedroom that’s encased by bomb-resistant 44mm glass (not a ludicrous precaution to be taken by Russian oligarchs and possible Bond villains). The $330 million yacht also has room for 14 guests and 42 crew members, meaning there’s three staff waiting on each guest hand and foot.

Keep an eye out from Chris Conners’ new luxury book Big Boys’ Toys — ‘A guide to the best money can buy’ in all good book stores.