Shed Some Weight Without Busting Your Backside

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Losing some kilos need not mean a regime that costs a packet nor takes forever to complete.

Don’t skip meals

You might think missing lunch keeps your calorie intake down . . . but when you standing over the fridge snacking on whatever you can find, or going back for thirds at dinner time, you won’t have done yourself any favours. Speaking of snacks, swap those Tim Tams with your morning coffee for nuts and fruit — especially berries.


Keep walking

Exercise doesn’t have to mean a $200-a-month gym membership or a wardrobe fill of lycra — find ways to sneak walking into your day. Leave the car at home and combine public transport with some walking for your morning commute, or go for a stroll on your lunch break to clear your mind and freshen up . . . little blocks of activity that get your metabolism moving.


Sleep more

Not getting enough shut-eye makes you press snooze on that 6am gym session, grab a large cappuccino to fire you up in the morning, dulls the part of your brain that handles impulse control, and affects the hormones that control how hungry you feel. Plus, burning the midnight oil will make you more likely to feast on a midnight snack, which can undo a whole day’s good work. Getting a solid seven hours is crucial.

Get moving

If you’re the type of bloke who doesn’t know a barbell from a bench press and simply hearing the work ‘exercise’ is enough to make you want to avoid it, find physical activity that doesn’t feel like a chore — join a lunchtime touch footy comp at work, chase the dog around a park in the evening, catch up with your mates for a game of squash, or ride your bike to the beach for a swim on the weekend.


Booze ban

There’s a reason it’s called a beer belly — easing up on the frothies is an simple change to your diet that the scales will thank you for. Cutting out alcohol altogether, though, is unrealistic — just order a wine or a clear spirit without a sugary mixer (like a gin and tonic or a vodka, lime and soda) instead of that fattening pint . . . and try and avoid that heart attack in a roll at the kebab shop on the way home.