Sexy Celebs & Cosplayers At Comic-Con

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This year belonged to women, both up on stage and in the cosplay arena…

1. Brie Larson

She’s got every reason to laugh – the beautiful actor started the year with an Oscar win for Room and she headlined Comic Con with the news she’s to star as Captain Marvel in her own franchise.


2. Gal Gadot

Our fave Gal was awesome as supporting Wonder Woman in Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice earlier this year but now she’s set to take centre stage with her own golden lasso movies.


3. Cara Delevingne

She may be spellchecking software’s worst nightmare but she’s successfully transitioning from supermodel to superhero, first with a role in Suicide Squad and next as lead of Luc Beeson’s $300m sci-fi epic Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets.


4. Alycia Debnam-Carey

Australia’s brightest new star is the best thing about zombie thriller TV spin-off Fear The Walking Dead and she was pretty righteous in YA sci-fi The 100, too, as doomed lesbian Lexa.


5. Rachel McAdams

The toned Canadian, better known for her dramatic work in films like The Notebook and Spotlight, stormed Comic-Con to promote upcoming comic-book flick Dr Strange. Wowza.


6. Peak Kara Croft

Every Comic-Con has dozens of Tomb Raiders but few fill out the iconic costume like this stunner. FYI, her name is Nadya Sonika and she’s a cosplay superstar with over 250,000 Facebook fans.


7. Bunny Fett

Studio bigwigs take note! This girl’s got your new franchise — Bunny Fett, the former Playboy model turned intergalactic bounty hunter. We’d pay to see it.


8. Supergirl

While Melissa Benoist is gorgeous as Supergirl on TV, she’ll be rattled to know that this beauty is waiting in the wings – and raising the stakes with the midriff-exposing costume.


9. Red Devil

A little bit X-Men’s Magneto, a little bit Vegas lounge circa 1963, this redheaded vision certainly makes a mash-up sexy.


10. Sprinkle

We don’t know where to look. Actually, we do. If the Mr Whippy van was run by this sprinkle, we’d be forever listening for the tinkle tune of “Greensleeves”. Not sure who she’s supposed to be. Does it matter?


And… 11. Still The Best

Okay, this lass is from 2014’s Comic-Con but we’re more than happy to give her another bit of, um, exposure. Now her Boba Fett costume manages to be both Star Wars canon and sexy as hell. Pretty sure the Clone Wars were fought over her.