Seven Who Could’ve Been 007…

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The A-list stars who didn’t make it as Bond, James Bond…

1.Michael Caine

In 1967, he was approached to replace Sean Connery. But he said no, fearing he’d be typecast after having already appeared in the Harry Palmer series of spy films.


2. Terence Stamp

Also in 1967, the future Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert star ruined his chance by voicing his “radical ideas” for the character to producers… including that he’d like his 007 to appear in his first scene in Japanese kabuki make-up.


3. Sam Neill

The Kiwi was awesome at suave espionage in TV show Reilly, Ace Of Spies and was a hot fave to replace Roger Moore in 1986, only to be pipped by Timothy Dalton.


4. Mel Gibson

He was up for 007 at the same time as Neill but was nixed for not being British — which certainly hadn’t prevented George Lazenby from getting the part back in 1967.


5. Sean Bean

He was a fave in 1994 but lost the part to Pierce Brosnan, who himself had initially landed the role in 1986 only to lose it because of his Remington Steele TV commitments.


6. Rupert Friend

He lost out to Daniel Craig in 2005. If you’ve seen him in Homeland, you know how good he could be now.


7. Clive Owen

Reports are that he got the role in 2005, only to lose it when he wanted a share of gross profits. Given he has spent the decade since appearing in a lot of duds, it’s a decision he must regret daily.