Seven Couples Apps Designed To Steam Up Your Relationship

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Lost your way when it comes to sexual intimacy and excitement? Mobile technology is here to help… perhaps.


It you find it awkward enough to suggest a new pizza place for date night, let alone a trip to a swinger’s party, then Kindu is the app you’re looking for. You and your partner rate a series of kinks as ‘definitely’, ‘maybe’, or ‘no thanks’ before being presented with a list of your matching fantasies, from bubble baths and whipped cream to Dutch ovens and every other corner of your sexuality you’ve been looking for an excuse to explore.



Depending on your answers on Kindu, Feeld might be the next app you need to download. Formerly called 3nder until they realised no-one could figure out how to pronounce that, Feeld is a Tinder-style database of singles and couples looking for a threesome that values anonymity — you can use fake names, pics disappear after one view, and you can choose to hide your Facebook friends.


69 Places

Like a sexual spin on Pokemon Go, 69 places gives you (confusingly) a checklist of 99 places for you and your partner to get intimate — from the classic (back seat of a car, photo copier room at work, etc.) to the downright bizarre (a firetruck, a sporting stadium, even a family reunion).


Hero boyfriend

“You’ve got apps like Tinder for acquisition, but HeroBoyfriend is focused on retention,” explains founder Dan Groch, who released the app this month. HeroBoyfriend is the lazy man’s best friend when it comes to planning a date, with more than 3000 activities and gift ideas on file, as well as the ability to set yourself reminders for key dates and anniversaries.



Compete against your partner in hundreds of saucy dares, beginning with the PG (sleep naked together) then progressing to more MA and R18+ tasks as you unlock more levels. You might hit a wall if you’re not to keen on being caned while dressed as a French maid, though . . .



The millennia-old Indian sex manual is now condensed in an app that more than 20 million people have downloaded, featuring 110 sex positions — “each tastefully drawn and explained”, of course — divided into nine categories, as well as the ability to pin favourite moves, generate random positions to try, and find recommendations based on strength, complexity, and intimacy.



Now your partner can control your schedules, calendars, reminders, and to-do lists all in the one convenient app . . . yeah, ignore this one — sounds like a major turn-off to us, too.