The Man Who Lives Life To The Maximus

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To celebrate the 52nd birthday of Australia’s favourite adopted son, here are five reasons why we reckon Russell Crowe is getting better with age.

Dropping The Kegs

Just two days ago, Rusty stepped out in New York City in a snugly fitting Puma tracksuit. While that might’ve previously caused retinal despair, the A-lister is looking svelte and buff and almost back to his Gladiator physique, having dropped some 24kg in the past few months after tipping the scales at a beyond beefy 120kg. Any chap who can do that at his age deserves a hat-tip.


Making Smart Movie Moves – As A Director

For his directorial debut, Crowe chose The Water Diviner, a sensitive post-WWI drama about a father looking for sons presumed killed at Gallipoli. The flick, especially praised for its handling of the Turkish side of the story, won the AACTA award for Best Film and was Australia’s highest-grossing local release in 2014. In the past week Crowe has announced two major new projects that have us pretty bloody amped. First up is an adaptation of Anh Do’s critically acclaimed bestselling memoir, The Happiest Refugee, which charts the comedian’s life as a kid fleeing the Vietnam War. Then there’s Crowe’s plan to turn the 1966 book Islands of Angry Ghosts — about the infamous 17th century Batavia shipwreck off the coast of WA — into a major maritime epic.


The Nice Guys

Rusty’s a serious fella. But he also has a lighter side that looks like it’ll shine in upcoming action-comedy The Nice Guys. Set in the 1970s, it has him as a gruff enforcer who teams up with Ryan Gosling’s private investigator to track down a missing girl. Bonus: Crowe’s collection of bad-taste Carter-era American fashions. The movie drops May 25. Here’s the NSFW trailer.



Crowe wears his heart on his sleeve and that means he doesn’t watch his mouth on Twitter. There you’ll find him cheerleading his beloved Rabbitohs, praising the songwriting of Skylar Grey and taking random photos and asking followers to guess where he is in the world. Crowe’s most recent tweet? “Just drank 11 tequila shots doing the promo’s for @nbcsnl … Best job in the world.” Hard to argue with that. But he’s also happy to showcase his girlier drinking habits. Even when Crowe’s being ill-advised in Twitter, such as when he ranted at Virgin Australia because his kids weren’t allowed to board the plane with potentially explode-y toys, he’s guaranteed to be entertaining.


Live… from New York it’s… Go Russ Go!

Russ is set to make his debut as a host of Saturday Night Live this coming weekend. Expect your social media feeds to be flooded with recaps by Monday morning. We can’t wait to see if he’s happy to spoof himself with a phone-throwing video clip for 30 Odd Foot Of Grunt’s cover version of Fightin’ Around The World.