Rose Byrne Playboy red dress

Rose Byrne on X-Men, Star Wars and her latest movies

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Rose Byrne Playboy red dress

She’s come a long way since the callow young actress who appeared in legendary Aussie flick Two Hands, way back in 1999. These days Rose Byrne is Hollywood A-list and appears in classy, mostly covered shoots in the now nudity-free Playboy magazine.

Appearing in a luxurious red silk wrap dress with a black lace bra, as well as an LBD, Byrne entertains but discussing her X-Men mutation and her, um, ears. “I have remarkably small ears. It’s almost a mutation how small they are. They look slightly weird, but I can hear very well.”

Rose Byrne Playboy LBD

She also talks about the power of the Star Wars franchise and her role in Star Wars: Episode II—Attack of the Clones. “I have one line in that movie…. to this day 90 per cent of the fan mail I get is from Star Wars—90 per cent—to sign pictures of me in a purple snood.”

Rose Byrne Playboy red dress

She also opens up about her career, and her relationships with Bobby Cannavale and her family. Read the full interview here.