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Persol’s new campaign maintains a connection to old school Hollywood.


Gee, that guy wearing the Persol 649 sunnies in the brands “Meet The New Generation” campaign looks like an old school matinee idol.

Perhaps that’s because he’s the son of one. OK, perhaps calling Clint Eastwood a matinee idol is stretching it – the bloke is more famous for being Dirty Harry, of course – but his son Scott is certainly carrying forward the rugged smoulder of his old man as he builds his own career in Hollywood.

Eastwood the younger has a Harry Callaghan bodycount-like amount of movies coming up and his profile continues to grow through select associations with fashion and lifestyle brands like Persol. The famous sunglasses brand reinvents its well known 649 and Cellor models in the new campaign, while retaining their essential authenticity… a bit like Scott Eastwood himself in the image of his famous dad.