Our Visit to the Bundaberg Rum Distillery

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Men’s Style was one of the first to experience the new $8.5 million Bundaberg Rum Museum and Blend Your Own Rum Experience.

This weekend sees the re-opening of the Bundaberg Rum Distillery after an $8.5 million revamp that has added an interactive museum, new combined bar and gift shop area, and a special room in which the iconic Australian rum brand will stage a Blend Your Own Rum experience.

Men’s Style was one of the first to be given the grand tour of the beautifully finished project, characterised by stunning woodwork which mostly utilises recycled timber from the site. The new museum is, in fact, presented inside massive refashioned old vats, the Bundaberg Rum story told in an entertaining and distinctly Australian way through the succession of ‘rooms’.


In essence, that story started in 1888 when seven local sugar-growers – Bundaberg being in the midst of one of the best sugar-cane growing regions in the world – combined to work out a way to use the gallons of molasses the industry produced. The result was Bundaberg Rum, a brand which has since become one of the world’s most famous rum brands. And despite the fact it’s these days owned by global beverages giant Diageo, Bundaberg Rum remains deeply rooted in its local community, staging free concerts, sponsoring festivals and supporting local projects.

The distillery currently hosts about 60,000 visitors a year and Senior Brand Manager Duncan Littler is hopeful the new centre will soon encourage more than 100,000 visitors through the doors every year. As part of the entry price to museum, distillery or Blend Your Own Rum experience, all guests receive two drinks in the bar, including being able to choose from rare and small batch Bundaberg rums.



For those after a more in-depth, bespoke experience, one of the signature features of the redevelopment is a Blend Your Own Rum experience. Held in a purpose-built area adjacent to the stacked barrels in the blending and maturation part of the distillery, the Blend Your Own Rum experience allows groups to combine rums matured in a variety of barrels previously holding other liquids – port, bourbon, sherry, Scotch – to create their own blended rum. Under the guidance of the Bundaberg experts, guests then pour their own creation into a Bundaberg bottle that bears their name to take home. Men’s Style created a blend from 200ml port barrel, 200ml sherry barrel, 200ml bourbon barrel and 100m Scotch barrel rum (below).


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