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Vinyl can now look as good as it sounds…

It’s no secret that we at Men’s Style love our vinyl records. Yes, digital tunes are good when you’re on the go, but when you get home nothing beats the experience of slipping a record out of its cover, placing it on the turntable, hearing the tiny crackle of music being physically replicated before that warm sound kicks in.

While we’ve been spinning discs on a vintage Technics for some years now, our heads not sufficiently turned by new-fangled players to trade the old girl in, we must admit we’re pretty tantalised by the prospect of trying out the Gramovox Floating Record Player, which has just been released in Australia exclusively through The Sound of Vinyl.


Each player is hand-assembled in Chicago, with a walnut or maple veneer wood base, phono pre-amp, carbon-fibre tone arm and built-in dynamic full-range stereo speakers (though you can connect to your own system via RCA line output).

“We treat vinyl as the art form that it is,” explains Gramovox Co-Founder and CEO Pavan Bapu. “Watching the vinyl as it spins, which always looks so different from record to record, is all part of the experience. We wanted to create a visceral vinyl experience that showcased the record as both art and a medium to produce fantastic sound.”

Priced at $669. Available here: