Men’s Style Chats with AFL Star Jack Ziebell

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The North Melbourne star is one of the sporting faces of the new Canterbury Clothing range.

Melbourne — a city abounding in man buns, urban art, and double shot soy milk macchiatos with a sprinkle of cinnamon — is without doubt the hipster capital of Australia . . . and the inner-city suburb of North Melbourne is at the forefront of that skinny-jean, fried-kale, fixie-bike onslaught.

So you’d expect the skipper of North’s footy team, Jack Ziebell, to be right up to speed with his fashion as well as his footy — and Men’s Style caught up with him after the launch of Canterbury’s new AW17 range.

Who’s the sharpest dresser at the club, and who’s the sloppiest? What sort of clothes do they get around in?

“This is a great question — I think we have a couple of guys who think they are hipsters, Sam Gibson is always over-dressed at our club, rocking a new pair of shoes everyday along with salmon-coloured T-shirts and super tight track suits or jeans.”

Nick Dal Santo was famously well groomed — who’s filled his shoes at the club as the bloke who spends the longest in front of the mirror?

“Mason Wood. Sam Wright. Jy Simpkin. These blokes fight over the mirror at the club. Goodness knows how they get ready by themselves.”

Who’s in control of the music at the club — what sort of tunes would we hear at the Arden St gym?

“During the week anyone’s free to play music in the gym — but there is a one-strike policy. Especially for the first-year boys. If you put crap music on you can be banned from playing anything for a period of time. The tunes cover all genres from Justin Bieber (Ryan Clarke) to Slipknot (Jarred Waite).

Tell us about the new Canterbury gear — how are you liking it, and what role does it play in your preparation, performance, and recovery?

“The new gear has been awesome! I love the quality of the products Canterbury provide, helping me feel good while I train at a consistently high level. It gives us the best chance to perform at our best during the week and helps us prepare for game day with out any excuses.”

What are the benefits of compression garments?

“We use compression garments a lot in our training, recovery and travel protocols. They help us with circulation of certain body parts to help aid recovery post-training and post-game and help with circulation whilst spending long periods on planes when we travel interstate to play. They also keep us warm whilst training on a cold Melbourne winter’s day.”

How do the hoodies go — do they stand up to those windy winter days at Arden St?

“The hoodies are probably the most popular item of apparel down at Arden St especially throughout winter! They are just so warm and they look pretty cool as well.”

How do you rate North’s year so far — looks like you might miss finals for the first time in a while, but there’s still a lot of positivity around the place?

“The year so far has been challenging. It’s had its ups and downs (probably a few more downs) but that’s what you tend to face when you play in the AFL at times. Our current win-loss record probably doesn’t reflect the total picture of our year to date, but at the end of the day that’s how we judge ourselves. We would’ve liked to win a few more games than we have but it’s been really pleasing to see the strong performances of some of the younger guys who have been given more opportunities this year. This is the source of positivity for us — understanding the path we’re on and how we’re getting there are important parts of the puzzle we want to create.

You’ve lost a lot of experience recently — who are the blokes who have replaced those old stalwarts both on the field, and off the field in terms of their personality?

“We have undergone a fair change from last year in terms of personality and that’s been really refreshing for our group. We’ve had a lot of younger guys come into our team who have so much energy that helps fill any gaps that have been left by some of our retiring heroes. On the field I think guys like Trent Dumont, Mason Wood, Ben Brown, Ryan Clarke, Marley Williams and Nath Hrovat to name a few have really stood up for us stepping into the positions left available from the year before. Off the field I think we have more than enough characters and big personalities to fill a room and these guys leave us with endless entertainment within the locker room! The guys I’m speaking of here probably include Mitch Hibberd, Ryan Clarke, Luke McDonald, Majak Daw and Nath Hrovat to name a few.”