A Luxury Discount Store?

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London designer destination prices every item at just… £1000!

You’ve heard of $2 shops.

Now multiply the concept by a thousand.

That gives you the idea of the new London outlet where every item on sale costs the equivalent of $A2000.


Called, appropriately enough, The Thousand Pound Shop, it’s set to open in a secret Mayfair location in August.

Rather than the nylon socks and B-grade DVDs we associate with typical discount stores, this designer destination will offer brand-name jewellery, watches and fashion items that were originally priced above the thousand-pound mark.

“Inspired by the growing popularity of £1 shops, we are the first luxury store to introduce the single price concept,” the store’s marketing manager David Shapiro told Metro.co.uk

But which brands can you expect to get at deep discounts?

Sadly, The Thousand Pound Shop isn’t allowed to publicly advertise them.

For that reason, Shapiro expects the store’s opening to be wild as customers clamour for bargains.

Think of it as a Boxing Day sale, just with a car park packed with Porsches and Rolls-Royces.

Can’t get to London in August?

If you hurry you can be get free membership to the web store to access early-bird discounts.