Lose Your Keys a Lot? Tile Might Help…

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The tiny Bluetooth tracker can help end the days of lost keys, phones, wallets, luggage, etc etc…

If, like us, you can get a little absentminded at times and spend way too much of your life searching for lost keys, wallets, phones, bags… well, just about anything you’re supposed to have with you at all times, then Tile may be your saviour.

The Bluetooth tracker and companion app has officially launched in Australia – yay! A tiny white square that pairs with a smartphone or tablet, Tile is a homing companion for lost things. Open the app and ring any item that is in Bluetooth range or see its last known location on a map. It also works in reverse, allowing consumers to ring their smartphone with the push of a button on their Tile device, even if the phone is left on silent mode.

Tile Slim works for wallets, purses, laptops and anything with a slim profile.
Tile Mate is designed with a hole to easily attach to your keys, luggage, purse, camera, etc

The device also features innovative crowdsourcing technology to help users find lost items outside of Bluetooth range. Tile allows users to anonymously enlist the help of the entire Tile community in your search – so that anyone running the Tile app can anonymously update the location of any Tile anywhere in the world. Tile’s powerful Community Find feature has recovered lost and stolen cars, motorcycles, jewellery, pets, and of course, pesky keys that get dropped in between the couch cushions or stuck in the fridge somehow.

Tile was the most downloaded lifestyle app in the US Apple App Store on Christmas Day 2015.

TILE SLIM is available at JB Hi-Fi and Harvey Norman nationally, RRP Single $44.95. or 4 Pack – $139.95. TILE MATE launches October 17 JB Hi-Fi and Harvey Norman nationally, RRP Single $39.95. or 4 Pack – $119.95.