Live Like George Clooney

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The ultimate silver fox turns 55 today. To celebrate here are five ways you can live like gorgeous George…




Want to imbibe like George? Well, you know Clooney spruiks for Nespresso, which makes a decent pod coffee, but did you know he makes his own tequila? Casamigos – which means “house of friends” – was launched in 2012 and is a small batch made from Blue Weber agaves, grown in the rich red clay and cool climate of the Highlands of Jalisco, Mexico. Pick some up next time you’re in the US of A. But George is also a beer drinker – he had a Guinness keg installed in his dressing room when making Ocean’s 11.




Clooney favours Armani (below) but his style’s all in the way he wears his suits and the colours he chooses. George doesn’t mess much with what works for him and that’s a modern cut, black or charcoal suit, which he dresses down slightly by wearing a darker-hued, open-collared shirt without a tie. Trousers without pleats or cuffs add that casual, rapscallion vibe.




While Clooney loves to travel the world, there’s one swish spot he calls home – Lake Como in Italy. Right on the water in Laglio, his Villa Oleandra (below)  is the playground for his rich and famous friends, boasting luxurious, historic interiors. George snapped it up in 2002 for a mere $US17m and it’s now worth $US131m. So, unless your surname is Packer, you won’t be able to exactly replicate his Lake Como experience. But you can spend some time in his neck of the woods without being a billionaire. For instance, Villa Laglio, which is right on the lake and provides fabulous sleeping accommodation for up to 14 guests and is close to Como city, can be had for five nights from about $A4500.




You can listen to George Clooney’s favourite music right now, thanks to BBC’s desert island discs. His choices are pretty awesome: Pink Floyd’s Another Brick In The Wall (below), Part 2; Frank Sinatra’s Nice and Easy; Van Morrison’s Moondance; Dinah Washington’s Destination Moon and, er, William Shatner’s Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds.





We all like Italian food but George does it in style, favouring a traditional-style restaurant in Venice called Da Ivo, which serves food from Northern Italy. He even had his buck’s night there. When he’s in Como, he loves eating at Restaurant Il Gatto Nero in Cernobbio. Meanwhile, when George is in New York City his go-to joint is Patsy’s, which serves, you guessed it, Italian. But despite all of that, his favourite food is said to be a steak from Chaya Brasserie in LA. Their 32oz – approx. 900g – Tomahawk Angus ribeye with jalapeno, soy jus and new potatoes will set you back $US95.



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