Live Life Like… Chris Hemsworth

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The first in a new series in which we offer a peek into the life of the A-listers. While you can see him in upcoming blockbuster The Huntsman: Winter’s War, you can live a bit more like the Aussie star by…

Eating: Next time you’re indulging in pizza, remind yourself that you’re doing as Hemsworth does. He’s often seen out eating it with wife Elsa Pataky and even told a fan via Twitter that his favourite is pepperoni.

Drinking: Maybe Hemsworth can get away with all those slices because his favourite alcoholic beverage is a vodka soda, which is basically the lowest calorie mixed drink you can have.

Exercising: Not for nothing does he have the literal body of a god in the Thor and The Avengers movies. To get the physique, Hemworth worked with former Navy SEAL Duffy Gaver. The trainer says his go-to exercise is the pull-up. “You just work so much of your body,” he explains. “And if you can do a burpee pull-up, all the better.” Doing pull-ups works your body from arms through core and down to your legs. Start with five, three times a week, and work up from there until you can crank out 50. “What do you think the guy that can do 50 of them three days a week looks like in comparison to the guy who drinks beer and doesn’t do them?” Gaver asks. Someone who can eat 10 slices of pizza whenever the hell he wants, is our guess.



Wearing: Hemsworth style reflects the rugged Byron Bay resident who’s made it big in Hollywood. That is to say, he can make an untucked V-neck white T-shirt look red-carpet ready simply by pairing it with a tailored suit. For an even more casual look, he does the T-shirt thing with dark denim jeans and a leather jacket. Sunnies optional.


Watching: The one accessory you won’t catch Hemsworth without is his TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer-01 chronograph. He joined the brand as ambassador last November, with his welcome to the family made official at a stunning Sydney party in February (see current issue of Men’s Style for pics).

Visiting: Avid surfer Hemsworth makes an annual trip to Costa Rica with his wife, their three kids and his good friend Matt Damon and his family. If you get yourself to the stunning Central American country, you could check out the vibrant restaurant scene, as did Hemsworth in 2014 when he was spotted eating a 500g steak at the Happy Calf restaurant in Escazu and noshing on Italian at Let’s Go There eatery in the upscale Santa Ana neighbourhood.

Driving: He might’ve played playboy racing car diver James Hunt in Rush but Hemsworth’s favoured ride is an Acura SUV, worth a modest $US45,000. With all those kids, he’s all about Aussie practicality. In fact, he said in an interview late last year that his happiest-ever moment was a car ride with his young daughter.