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Action film-makers La Nuit de la Glisse return with Don’t Crack Under Pressure, sponsored by TAG Heuer.

La Nuit de la Glisse was started at the end of the ’70s by a group of visionaries inspired by a social phenomenon theycalled ‘la glisse’ (action sports). Over the last 30 years La Nuit de la Glisse has made numerous films celebrating this lifestyle, director Thierry Donard saying: “My passion for filmmaking has never faltered. “La Nuit de la Glisse” was started by a group of skier and surfer friends, the title first came out in 1984. I’ve always tried to convey to the audience what the athletes feel, to give an insight into the personalities of the men and women who are so passionate about their discipline and to capture their deepest emotions when living in the moment.”

Now TAG Heuer Australia has partnered with Garage Entertainment to bring thrill-seekers – and those who love watching them – the Australian premiere of Nuit De La Glisse’s latest film, Don’t Crack Under Pressure, inspired by TAG Heuer’s current tagline.

The film is an incredible adventure-style documentary that celebrates a unique group of individuals who push themselves to the limits of human endurance in extreme environments, from skiiers to surfers, wingsuiters, kayakers, bikers and more.

See the trailer here.

Dont Crack Under Pressure 60sec Trailer from The Media Garage on Vimeo.