Leonardo DiCaprio: The Man Knows How To Party

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A look back at the off screen exploits of birthday boy Leo DiCaprio, 42 years old today.

The Wolf of Wall Street, Inception, The Revenant, Titanic, The Departed — and a list of exploits away from the big screen that rival his achievements in front of the camera. The imagination runs wild when you start to daydream about how Leonardo DiCaprio is going to toast his 42nd birthday after some of the parties he’s thrown in the past . . .

His 41st birthday party

Just 24 hours after the Victoria’s Secret fashion show last year — uncanny timing, that — DiCaprio rocked up to Manhattan nightclub Marquee with celebrity mates The Weeknd, Ed Sheeran, Busta Rhymes and Tyson Beckford as well as rumoured girlfriend Bella Hadid and a slew of her model pals. Leo and models — we’re starting to notice a theme.

His 2015 charity ball

The environmentalist’s strategy to save the planet last year was to pack a 300ft yacht in the French Riviera with models and celebrities. Who knows how many trees it saved but it sure sounds like good fun. His foundation did raise $45m to fight climate change thanks to guests like Bono, Bradley Cooper, Chris Rock, Edward Norton, Arnold Schwarzenegger and a number of models. Lots and lots and lots of models.

His 40th birthday party

Leo raised a glass to the big four-oh at a casual gathering of 100 at the SoHo House in LA. Well, casual by his standards. Model girlfriend Toni Garrn couldn’t make it but A-listers Jonah Hill, Adam Levine, Tobey McGuire and Robin Thicke kept Leo company, as well as — just in case we still need to point this out — a guest list described as “80 per cent models”.


His 38th birthday party

The grandaddy of them all. The production company behind The Wolf of Wall Street shelled out $600,000 on Marlon Brando’s 1955 Best Actor Oscar as a gift (makes the socks and jocks you got for your last birthday look pretty lame, huh) — then spent more than a million dollars on $25,000 magnums of champagne delivered by lingerie models. One attendee reported the scene as “pure debauchery . . . (they) were having a competition on who who could spend the most money on the champagne service.”

His 37th birthday party

Australia got a taste of DiCaprio’s antics when he was in Sydney filming The Great Gatsby in 2011, when Leo rented Kings Cross nightclub Beach Haus for an exclusive do with a reported guest list of 80 women. Is it totally redundant at this stage to mention they were all models?

That scene out of The Wolf of Wall Street



Or as Leo likes to call it, just a quiet Friday night.