Lego Architecture Sydney Opera House

LEGO Architecture is for adults

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Lego Architecture Sydney Opera House

Back in 2008 LEGO launched LEGO Architecture, a partnership with ‘architectural artist’ Adam Reed Tucker to produce sets that could be constructed into famous landmarks.

Chicago’s Sears Tower and John Hancock Center were the first to be produced, followed in 2009 by Seattle’s Space Needle and New York’s Empire State Building. Since then LEGO has produced a whole series devoted to the work of American architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

LEGO Architecture Chicago


Meanwhile, an exhibition of some of Tucker’s LEGO sculptures of famous buildings at Washington’s National Building Museum this year drew thousands of people.

Tucker mainly uses the simplest of LEGO’s bricks-the four- and six-pegged bricks-to construct his buildings, rather than the various add-ons LEGO have produced to broaden their appeal or capitalise on kids’ movie releases.

“I first and foremost do not view my models as literal replicas,” says Tucker,” but rather my own artistic interpretations…. As I explore how to capture these buildings with the basic shapes of the bricks, I find the possibilities and challenges they offer almost magical.”


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