Is Your Career Sexy?

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Tinder study reveals jobs that are most right-swiped…

If you’re a bricklayer, you might want to avoid this article, despite all your muscles and that awesome tan.

Same goes if you’re a stand-up comedian, despite the “wisdom” that women want men who make them laugh.

But if you’re a pilot, then you are doing okay — but you probably already know that and are reading this from some five-star bed on an, um, layover with a new lady friend.

See, Tinder has just released the results of its study of the most right-swiped jobs.

Now the list was taken from New York users, so it might not hold true for Aussies, giving hope to brickies and stand-ups everywhere.

But we’re assuming it’s broadly true and that these careers are most likely to be sexy for Aussie women, too.

The first few results are truly surprising — and the last one is mind-blowing— but let’s count down backwards, shall we?

Coming in at number 15 it’s…

Writer! (This is a great result for us gents who work hard to bring you Men’s Style.)

But we’d get more women on Tinder if we were doing these gigs:

14. Teacher (schoolgirl fantasies come to life, perhaps?)

13.Firefighter (they’re experts with hoses… and, y’know, brave and stuff)


12. Software Developer (they make women app-y?)

11. Pilot (yep, we thought that’d be higher too)

10. Musician (presumably not one who plays in a Cold Chisel cover band at RSLs)

9. Student (whaaaaat? Back to school for us!)

8. Architect (or guys saying they’re architects, like George Costanza)

7. Advertising Account Executive (the Don Draper effect, clearly)

6. Chef (not the Swedish one from The Muppets)

5. Financial Analyst (they’ll know how to split the bill perfectly?)

4. Personal Trainer (rock hard abs are guaranteed, presumably)

3. Registered Nurse (bedside manner is what they’re about)

2. CEO/Entrepreneur (size counts—when it comes to bank balances)

And, drum roll please, coming in at number 1, it’s…

1.Engineer. (Your guess is as good as ours, though they do know how to, er, maintain erections)