Is This The Super Suitcase?

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Say goodbye to juggling acts, wonky wheels and even lost luggage…

The most organised gent can come unstuck at the airport. That’s because you’re often trying to steer a suitcase while also managing a passport, boarding pass, phone, shoulder bag and other distractions.

And God help you if you’ve got a suitcase with a shonky wheel.

Then, of course, there’s also the dreaded weigh-in where, if your suitcase is over by a few grams, you’ll likely be asked to unpack and repack.

The only thing worse: turning around to realise you’ve left that suitcase somewhere.

But you may be able to say goodbye to all of that by saying hello to Floatti.


This Kickstarter project claims to be producing the world’s first super suitcase.

From what we’ve seen, they’re not exaggerating.

First up, Floatti has a suspension system and individual dampers on wheels for much smoother handling.

Amazingly enough the boffins behind the suitcase have done a test where they balanced Jenga blocks inside and took them for a ride.

You guessed it: they didn’t fall over.

Smartly, the Floatti comes with straps and hooks so you can fasten your other bags or suitcases on top.

It’s genius for when you want to hand over the passport and answer a call without acting like an octopus.


The design also integrates with your devices, coming with a detachable charger that’ll give you seven full iPhone 6S charges and 1.5 charges for a Macbook.

Meanwhile, the Floatti’s Smart Handle is app connected with touch control so you can use your favourite phone features without letting go of your luggage, including picking up calls, dialing contacts and changing music tracks.

Floatti also has advanced tracking so it’ll tell you if it’s too far from you or if you’ve left anything behind.

Brilliantly, it’ll also alert you when it arrives at baggage claim.


As for the weigh-in problem? This bad boy has a built in scale – just lift it up by the handle and it’ll tell you how much it weighs.

While Floatti has all the features of a Terminator, it’s a sleek and stylish piece of luggage, designed by Italian designer Andrea Ponti.

Premium genuine leather, scratch-resistant poly-carbonate and aircraft-grade aluminium are integrated into a single body for maximum strength and superior style.

If all that sounds awesome, you’re not the only one to think so.

Floatti, Inc asked for $US100,000 on Kickstarer to bring their design to market.

They announced yesterday they’d hit $US530,000.

Floatti suitcases are set to ship in December 2016. Pre-order now from $US320.