Is There A Real-Life ‘Limitless’ Pill?

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Bradley Cooper in Limitless

Are ‘cognitive enhancers’ the pill than can give you almost ‘super’ mental powers?

Moodi Dennaoui has earned a reputation as the ‘Diet Doctor’ thanks to his unconventional approach to nutrition and huge A-list celebrity and athlete following.

He sat down with Men’s Style to discuss Nootropics — ‘cognitive enhancers’ that have been compared to the super pill in the film Limitless.

First things first, what are Nootropics?

The word ‘Nootropic’ is actually a Greek word that means ‘toward the mind’. They’re known as ‘smart drugs’ as they’re cognitive enhancers that help to increase the user’s focus to a point of somewhere between caffeine and amphetamines. They gained notoriety amongst academics, particularly around exam season, for that very reason. The benefits of nootropics are primarily mental . . . they provide sustained energy and clarity, especially when you are focusing on a set task [like] being able to walk into the gym without foggy thoughts that could distract you from your workout.

What form do they come in?

The one I use is called Hydroxyburn Shred Neuro Thermogenic, which is an all in one powder that I mix with water. It’s both a nootropic, pre-workout and fat burning supplement with high quality ingredients . . . it helps to keep the metabolism healthy by telling the body to use fat for fuel. It’s also great for tunnel vision in the gym. Most importantly, unlike most brands that combine ingredients in small trace amounts, this one contains clinical doses of the ingredients that you want and need — Garcinia Cambogia to target fat cells, as well as three types of caffeine.

In terms of how they are delivered, some Nootropics are delivered in powdered form . . . those that are water soluble can be absorbed into the body very quickly with just water. You can also take Nootropics in tablet or capsule form which isn’t as effective if you’re after instant energy.

What positive effects do they have on the body?

The main effect that they have on your body is mental alertness. For example, my pre-workout supplement helps me hone in and focus on my task at hand and be more controlled so I feel good all day and don’t get the crash. The last thing you want in the gym is a tonne of energy without focus. Your jaw will end up getting a better workout than your body as you’ll be unfocused and talking instead of training.

Nootropics should also help you with improved memory because they are believed to work by altering availability of the brain’s supply of neurotransmitters, hormones and enzymes with increased oxygen. Stimulating nerve grown and health is also a premise behind nootropics. They can also be helpful for those struggling with anxiety but you should see your healthcare professional about that.

Moodi Dennaoui

And what are the side effects?

There have been numerous research studies establishing the safety of nootropics and they’ve been shown to have a very low risk of negative side effects. The most common side effect, which also happens to be uncommon, is headaches, which can easily be avoided by drinking an adequate amount of water.

No risk of long-term addiction or withdrawal symptoms have been recorded. Keep in mind these studies are conducted on the nootropic alone, not combined as a stack. Having said that, if you are using them make sure you trust the brand you are consuming, however you should do that anyway for any supplement that you take.

When you Google ‘nootropics’, loads of comparisons with the movie ‘Limitless’ come up — is there any truth to that?

That is an excellent movie! I don’t think that a good quality nootropic will make you that ‘limitless’ though, nor should it make you sick afterwards as far as I’m concerned.

Are they legal in Australia? Where can you buy them?

They are — your pharmacist or health food store should have them available or you can look online too. Also keep in mind that you should look for brands that have an AUSTL. These products are considered low risk and include complementary medicines such as herbs, minerals, vitamins and amino acids. Listed products are identified with an AUSTL number.