Icons Of Style: Colin Firth

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Actor Colin Firth should be a sartorial role model for any man over 45.

When we grow up, we want to dress like Colin Firth.

The British actor with the plummy voice and the hugely impressive back catalogue playing stoic if frustrated Englishmen on screen is never less than immaculately presented when he has to spruik a film or some other project.

And it’s not that he does anything particularly radical or “out there” when it comes to his look. On the contrary, he’s proper conservative, favouring dark navy suits over white shirts with highly polished black Oxfords. But maaaan, does he know how to put it together.

Everything he wears is cut just right, sits just right, and looks just right. His tall, slender frame helps, of course, assisting him to achieve the illusion that he was seemingly born in a suit. Add classic, thick-framed eyewear and you have the updated English gentleman par excellence. Cast back to his memorable turn as Harry Hart – private spy masquerading as Savile Row tailor in Kingsman: Secret Service. Every look… just perfect.

“I don’t think its ever been something I’m particularly good at,” a self-deprecating Firth told AskMen during pre-publicity for Kingsman, when asked about his sense of style. “I suppose when I was younger I hid behind the affectation that I didn’t care. [But] once you get it right, there’s no getting away from it being a good feeling. You either stumble on that or someone helps you with it.
“But having someone help you out with the right suit, and then looking good in it, is an absolutely wonderful feeling.”

Firth confessed he was measured “to within an inch of my life” by a tailor for his Kingsman role, but he kept up the standard as everything he wears off set in the public eye makes us green with envy.