Simon Baker

Icon of Style: Australia’s Simon Baker

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Simon Baker

The Aussie star of The Mentalist has not only reinvigorated the three-piece suit but pulls off casual elegance beautifully.

As Patrick Jane on The Mentalist, former New South Wales north coast boy Simon Baker plays television’s most well-dressed deductive genius.

Never less than dapper in a three-piece suit and open-neck dress shirt, or sometimes wearing just the vest with rolled shirt sleeve, Baker is the perfect handsome package to carry Jane’s sartorial assuredness. And that’s probably because the guy knows how to dress away from the set.

Baker’s continued success in LA, from his brief but pivotal appearance as Matt Reynolds in LA Confidential through The Guardian, The Devil Wears Prada and his blockbuster role in The Mentalist mean Baker has become a go-to man for corporations looking for a dashing leading man in their campaigns. ANZ Bank (in whose ads he reprises Patrick Jane), Qantas and more recently, Longines, have all utilised Baker’s good looks and innate sense of style to beneficial effect.

Away from his professional commitments, Baker nails casual-yet-stylish dad-of-three around LA in neat sweaters, on-trend frames, chinos and loafers. Somehow, he manages to tread the line between slightly dressed-up North Coast surfie and subtly chic famous actor dude; no small feat. The trick, it would appear, is the tried and tested one of keeping it simple, elegant and classic.

Simon Baker

Of his dress sense he told US InStyle magazine, “I don’t want to look like a doofus, but my first priority is to wear something that feels comfortable and fits who I am, as opposed to me trying to fit what the outfit is.

“I’m not crazy about men’s fashion. You can get swayed into trying something that’s fresh and hip and … let’s put it this way: On one or two occasions, my 16½-year-old daughter has said, ‘Uh, Dad, are you trying to seem young?’ As in, ‘It’s a good shirt, but I don’t think you can pull it off.’”

Must have been quite a lairy shirt… we can’t see how the youthful-looking 43-year-old could look wrong wearing anything.

Simon Baker