How To Supercharge Your Insta Profile

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You’ll rake in bulk likes when you follow these five tips.

Post quality content

Think about how much junk you see when you scroll through your Instagram feed —a blurry snap from a night out, the umpteenth photo of your friend’s new dog, a gym selfie that looks identical to the one your mate posted last week, and the week before, and the week before that. Amid the sea of junk, a well-framed capture of an interesting scene stands out the dog’s proverbials — so shoot with a steady hand, remember the rule of thirds, and ask yourself whether your snap is Insta-worthy.

Edit wisely

Even if we use the hashtag #nofilter, we’re all guilty of resorting to Hefe or Valencia to make our pics’ colours pop — but use filters with restraint. Cranking up the saturation too high gives selfies a slightly Oompa Loompa/Donald Trump tinge whereas it can intensify the colour of scenery shots, while adjusting the brightness and tinkering with the contrast can also improve a photo’s clarity. And ditch the collage app — cramming extra photos into the already tight space just isn’t going to work.

Be smart with hashtags

Instagram’s algorithm — which determines how high up your posts appear in your followers’ feeds — is one of life’s great mysteries, right up there with ‘How are Crocs still a profitable business?’ and ‘Who actually finds Amy Schumer funny?’ But there’s little doubt it rewards thoughtful hashtagging. That means not repeating the same hashtags over and over and steering clear of spammy hashtags — #like4like #happy #followme — which make your posts look tacky AF anyway.

Put yourself out there

Instagram is a social media platform . . . emphasis on the social. You could be posting magazine-calibre content with razor-sharp captions but unless you’re following accounts you’re interested in, dropping comments, and leaving likes, then it’s a bit like being that weird bloke standing in the corner of the room at a party not talking to anyone. Find the niche you’re interested in — that might be cafes or sunsets or sport or travel or antique wooden clock restoration, whatever — and put your Insta handle out there.

Aim for top posts

You know when you click on a hashtag, you see a grid of nine top posts? That’s a goldmine for likes. You’re unlikely to beat all the beauty bloggers and travel influencers to the top posts of big hashtags with millions of posts but you’ll stand a chance by targeting smaller niches (the more specific #streetsofsydney rather than the general #sydney, for example, or #newyorkcafe rather than simply #coffee). Trending posts — the list of suggestions Insta gives you when you click on a hashtag — is a good way of finding new emerging hashtags, and is also meant to win over the algorithm.