How To Make Stress Work For You

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The man who says you can turn stress into a force for good…

There’s a man called Luke Mathers — a self-described inventor, author, and philanthropist — who reckons he’s got his hands on a substance that makes you physically and mentally stronger, more focused and creative, promotes better relationships, and boosts your optimism.

Some magic pill on a WADA anti-doping list? Nup. Just stress.

“Stress is evolutionary, as your fight-or-flight response to stress gave our ancestors the strength, focus and energy to survive in a dangerous world long before farms, cars and iPhones ever existed,” Luke tells Men’s Style after the release of his new book, Stress Teflon.

“Stress drives people to challenge new frontiers, it’s where our pride comes from and without stress there would be no achievement. So we need to stop seeing stress as such a bad thing, and more consider how you are handling that stress.”

The problem, argues Luke, is how we think about stress. Google the phrase “stress effects” and you’ll find heart disease, cancer, stroke, digestive problems, mental illness, and obesity waiting to take you to an early grave.

“Sadly, there’s a large element of truth to many of these views about stress,” Luke admits. “However, these bad stress outcomes are only true if you see stress as a threat.”

So how should you view it? As a challenge, instead.

“When stress is a challenge, your body fires up it’s social reward systems and the troubles associated with stress become the foundations of pride and self-worth,” Luke explains.

“So, which fork do you take in the stress road? Is it a threat? Do knots in the stomach and a racing heartbeat make you want to run for the hills? Do you actively try to avoid stressful situations and get away from stress at all costs?

“Or, do you look for challenges? Do you find things that will test you, take you out of your comfort zone, fire you up to learn new skills and become the better version of yourself?”

Luke argues that change in mentality reprograms stress from a killer to a sidekick, or a “short term power booster.”

“By making stress non-stick, you can identify your priorities and help you move in a direction to start living your dreams.”

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