How To Keep Your Energy Levels High All Day

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It’s easier than you think to ensure your energy levels are topped up, says Adam Fraser.

The alarm goes off at 6am. Do you spring out of bed ready to face the day or do you press snooze and shift into “mathematician mode”? This is when you lie there and calculate the latest possible time that you absolutely have to get out of bed. “Alright, I had a shower the day before last; forget that, that will save me 15 minutes. Forget brushing my teeth, I’ll buy chewing gum; that will save me another five minutes.” If that sounds familiar, you are lacking in energy.

Our quality of life is a direct result of how much energy we have. Whether it is spending time with friends or trying to close a big deal, we need a high level of energy to have a full and successful life. Corporate Australia is starting to understand this. “Energetic workers are more productive, engaging and less prone to stress or sick leave,” says Dr Sven Hansen. Here are some tips from the doctor:

Eat five or six small meals throughout the day.
So many times we skip meals throughout the day because we are too busy. This bad habit causes our blood glucose level to drop and the result is tiredness and lethargy.

Drink between one-and-a-half and two litres of water a day.
Research shows that being dehydrated leads to drowsiness and reduced mental function. You are not a camel. Drink up! Stay away from sugar. Eating foods that are high in sugar leads to fluctuations in the blood glucose level which causes your energy level to rise then fall.

Get some exercise.
One of the easiest ways to improve how much energy you have is to exercise regularly. Thirty minutes a day will do the trick.

Pumpin’ iron
Less weights can make you a better lover. Great sex requires strength and endurance, particularly through your shoulders and arms. At the end of your weights workout, add a couple of sets with low weight and high reps. She’ll notice.

Foreskin blues
A study in the Journal of Urology which examined the sexual performance of males before and after circumcision found that mean ejaculatory latency time (how long you last) was significantly longer following circumcision.

Doodle art
We know masturbation is good for the prostate, but how good is your form? Gabrielle Morrissey’s new book Urge: Hot Secrets for Great Sex (Harper Collins) describes four basic hand positions: fist, backhand, the finger grip and the OK sign. However, for the advanced, there are basketweaving, palming, webbing and more. Golly!

Cherry picking
A US study has found macaque monkeys forgo rations of cherry juice to look at images of female rears or dominant males. The naughty bits of the female rated the largest portions of juice, subordinate males the lowest. Virtually all monkeys forgo ill ice to look at female.