How to Beat the Holiday Bulge

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Over-indulged over Christmas and New Year? Follow these five tips to shed a few pounds.

Fix up your diet…

After subsisting on nothing but ham and champagne for the last month, get your eating habits in order. That means cutting back the alcohol, having a big breakfast loaded with fibre and low GI foods to combat hunger, and eating plenty of lean protein (chicken, fish and eggs), and resisting your appetite — your stomach might be grumbling after weeks of constantly having your belly full of festive fare. If you were eating right before Christmas, a few weeks back on the wagon will undo any blow-out.


…And your exercise regime

In between present-shopping, after-work drinks, catching up with family, a few days away, there hasn’t been much time for those 6.00am workouts. But now is the time to jump back into the gym and resume whatever was working before — like like your diet, that little bit of extra pudge can be worked off by tightening the reigns back to where they were pre-holidays. Exercise also raises your metabolism, helping burn off more calories.


Drink more

No, not those dozen bottles of wine you were gifted on December 25 — drink more water, which helps stave off that hungry feeling. Staying hydrated flushes out the toxins you’ve been shovelling into your body over weeks of over-indulgence, and also helps you feel awake and mentally sharp — and if that means you can cut out some caffeine, your body will thank you. Drink a glass of water before sitting down for meals, too — it’ll force you to eat sensible portions.


Don’t stress

Everyone’s work trousers are feeling a little tighter after a couple of slack weeks, and if you’re not allowed to have a third helping of baked potatoes and mince pies at Christmas, when can you? Low self esteem isn’t doing your mental or physical health any favours — you’re more likely to binge eat if you’re feeling down — and stress also encourages over-eating, and if you want to feel more in control of your weight loss, write down attainable goals on paper to make the post-Christmas purge seem more achievable.

Skip the quick fix

Your Facebook feed will be strewn with spammy ‘Lose your Christmas kilos FAST!!!’ plans that promise to peel off the kilos in a hurry, but adopting a rabbit’s diet isn’t the answer. You can swear off alcohol and red meat for a month but how’s your body going to react when wine and steak come back into your life post-detox. Avoid yo-yo dieting and set up sustainable habits you can maintain throughout 2017, not just new year’s resolutions that will be dumped in the bin with your junk Christmas presents before the end of January.