How To Beat Premature Ejaculation

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Check out Men’s Style’s quick — but not too quick — guide to lasting longer in bed.

Kill the death grip

Just like the old sporting cliche goes, you play the way you practice — and if you’re racing through training in a 60-second frenzy then it’s natural that you’ll fail to perform on the big stage. Take your time when you masturbate and control your level of arousal, maybe even try the self-explanatory ‘stop-start’ technique — bring yourself to the point of orgasm, before having the discipline to step back from the cliff, which brings us to our next point . . .

Do your Kegels

Pelvic floor exercises aren’t just for women, and tightening those muscles helps control your premature ejaculation. If you can pardon the schoolboy language, clench your pelvic muscles like you’re holding in a fart or trying to stop urinating midstream — hold it for three seconds, then release. And just like any group of muscles, they grow stronger over time — aim for three sets of 10 reps every day, which should be easy if you sneak them in sitting at your desk or at the wheel of your car.


Be smart in bed

Wear thicker condoms that dull sensitivity, swap vigorous thrusts for more shallow yet intense pressure, try the ‘squeeze’ technique, taking a 30-second time-out when you feel you’re about to come and apply pressure to the urethra . . . or if that sounds like too much of a mood killer, just before you’re about to finish early, pull out and go down on her (she certainly won’t complain).

f0a89e9720dec7ad2d4dbc20c1a4a386Eat the right foods

Changing your diet can boost your sex drive naturally — watermelon, broccoli and avocado increase blood flow to all the right places, figs are reputed to spur the secretion of pheromones, while eggs and lean red meat are packed with protein, which is a key source of sexual stamina. Basically, foods that promote a healthy heart improve the flow of blood to all your organs . . . yep, including that one.

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Turn to the pill

The magic blue pill — or the little yellow one, in the case of Viagra’s main rival Cialis — has been helping blokes get a little more starch back in their trousers since 1998 by increasing the circulation of blood to the penis. While Viagra is quicker to leap into action (30 minutes), Cialis is nicknamed ‘the weekend pill’ because it lasts a full 36 hours . . . if you’ve still got any bullets left in the chamber by then.


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