How To Avoid Workout Boredom

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Allan Bolton has a shot in the arm for any man who reckons his fitness regime is just too booooooooring.

The most challenging part of any exercise program is sticking with it. Boredom has strong form and it can bash the motivation out of any man. It’s common to see new fitness programs designed to last a lifetime last less than six weeks. We all start with enthusiasm but when boredom strikes, the best of intentions often dwindle into nothingness.

The biggest barrier to getting fit and staying fit is not only the physical shape were in, it has a lot to do with the mental shape were in. Generally, if you’re head is in the right place, your body will follow.

Providing your body and mind with a constant supply of surprises will keep them engaged and responding. Varying your program with different activities and setting new targets regularly is a smart move.

Achieving new objectives increases the enjoyment factor of exercise, which leads to better results and greater staying power.

If your exercise routine consists of jogging the same route at the same time every morning, or working the same machine in the same gym every evening, it might be time for a change. An exercise plan which consists mainly of one activity needs shaking up a bit.

If you’ve had a few activities an your “going to” list, such as kayaking, cycling or indoor climbing, stop thinking so hard and give it a go! If breaking your routine seems too scary, try mixing it up for a month. Lift weights at the gym one day and play tennis the next. Swim in the waves on Saturday and play football on Sunday.

But if you really want to stick to one type of exercise or the same basic plan, don’t change the plan — change the delivery. Play with the intensity or try interval training; change the route of your run; do your cardio on a different machine once a week; in the weights room, pump that chest using a different exercise or machine. Another plus is that variety reduces the risk of injury.



• Distract yourself
Create a great playlist or listen to podcasts or audio books as you workout

• Make it a competition
If you join a sports team or club you get the team thing combined with a shared goal of winning a little gold cup.

• Phone a friend
Hang out with mates and get fit. Put your heads together, set a plan to meet include a “no bailing” clause and keep each other on track.

• Do a deal
Commit to a set number of workouts each week for a month with a friend. He who triumphs gets a good bottle of red from the abstainer.

• Set a goal
A objective will give you something to work towards. It can be as simple as improving your fitness or as hardcore as completing a marathon.