How a Ninja Warrior Prepares For The World’s Toughest Obstacle Course

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Channel Nine’s much hyped new show Australian Ninja Warrior features some of Australia’s fittest people – former commando Scott Evennett describes how he prepared for the show.

“It’s an adult’s playground on steroids”. That’s how Scott Evennett (above) describes the Australian Ninja Warrior course, standing at the start line, staring at the maze of gruelling obstacles before him.

“It’s you versus the course — if you lose your grip, slip, or hit any body part in the water you’re instantly eliminated, no second chances. So come into it under-prepared and it will swallow you up. Literally.”

You’ll see Evennett — an eight-year veteran of the Australian Special Operations Command — tackle this beast of an obstacle course in the first series of Australian Ninja Warrior, which premieres on Channel Nine on Sunday 9 July at 7pm.

Scott Evennett

The sports entertainment program pits some of the country’s fittest athletes against a series of challenges that make Gladiator look like an absolute mimic — it took the Americans seven series to find someone who could actually complete the course! And boy, has Scott prepared for it.

Evennett spent three months examining tapes of the 18-plus versions of Ninja Warrior that have been produced in every corner of the globe, learning the twists and turns of every obstacle — from the devil’s stairs to the salmon ladder and every warped wall and rotating log in between.

“I had to get myself both physically and mentally prepared for the challenge,” Scott says. “Here’s how I did it, along with many fellow Ninjas as weekly training buddies.”

Get comfortable being uncomfortable

“The course will test you physically and mentally at every turn,” Scott says. “Luckily my military career set me up to experience being uncomfortable, so when it comes to doing something unknown, I was happy to push outside the comfort zone into some more unknown Ninja-style training and really push the limits in the lead in.”

Master visualisation

Turns out watching all that tape comes in handy. “I had to visualise myself out on the course completing the obstacles, put myself at the finish line, and visualise my success.”

Train specific

Scott shed 12kg of muscle to become more agile to tackle the obstacles. “I had to make my training and nutrition specific to Ninja Warrior,” he says. “I created a full backyard Ninja training ground to practice on, including 14-foot warped wall, salmon ladder, devil stairs, climbing wall and much more.”

Be consistent

Discipline, discipline, discipline. Then when you’re sick of discipline, pile on more discipline. “I lived and breathed Ninja training two sessions per day, six days a week – no excuses,” Scott says. The key to maintaining that consistency? “I found fellow Ninjas to train with weekly to keep me accountable and push me during training.”

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Australian Ninja Warriors premieres on the Channel Nine on Sunday 9 July at 7pm.