Home Brewing By Smartphone

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The BrewArt system by Australian beer-maker Coopers may well revolutionise home brewing.

Have you always liked the idea of getting into home brewing beer but been put off by the amount of work and equipment involved?

South Australia’s famous Coopers brewery – who are one of the world’s biggest manufacturers of home brew beer products – may have overcome those reservations with the creation of BrewArt,  an automated home brewing system that uses Wi-Fi, precise temperature control and patented end of fermentation technology to brew beer at the push of a button.

Available in Australia from mid-July, Coopers liken the system to the beer version of a Nespresso coffee machine. It can be controlled with a smartphone app, which can also conduct your stock inventory and ordering point for ingredients.

BrewArt has two components – the BeerDroid, for brewing 10-litres of beer, and BrewFlo, for storing, chilling and dispensing the beer from 5-litre kegs.



The ingredient packs, known as BrewPrints, are also made by Coopers and can be ordered to specific recipes such as American Pale Ale, European Pilsner or customized to make more than 3,000 different beers.

Brews take similar time as traditional home brews of 5-15 days in fermentation mode with a keg or bottle fermentation and natural carbonation time of two weeks. Notifications are sent along the way to update users on the progress of their brew.



“It’s Wi-Fi connected so you can actually control this whole thing from your phone,” says Coopers Brewing Products Marketing Manager Scott Harris. “The other cool thing about that is if people ring us up and say ‘I did a brew and it just turned out awful’ then with their permission we can log in and check what happened.”

The BeerDroid and the BeerFlo have LCD controls and will be available for AU$799 and $699 from Australian retail chain Harvey Norman from July 18. BrewPrints range from $28 to $44 to make 10 litres.