He’s Baaaaack! The Return of Jon Stewart?

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The former The Daily Show host returns to screens to skewer Trump and Clinton…

We’ve got an interview with The Daily Show’s new host Trevor Noah in the upcoming print issue of Men’s Style. We love him. We really do – and you should check out his stand-up tour of Australia later this month.

That said, we’re thrilled to hear that Jon Stewart is returning to screens just in time to satirise the craziest US presidential election since… well… ever.

Stewart, who signed off from The Daily Show this time last year, is soon to launch an as-yet untitled animated news commentary show.

Yep, you read that right – animated.

As a HBO spokesperson explained: “The idea is it will be an animated parody of a cable news network with an Onion-like portal.”

Stewart’s venture sees him establishing an animation studio and utilising a 3D graphics company that HBO recently acquired, so that he can respond to breaking news in close to real time, with both a half-hour traditional program and shorter viral videos.

Call us excited, particularly as HBO said new Stewart content could start finding its way into the world as early as September.