Happy Birthday, Michael Fassbender

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The in-demand actor brings up the big Four-Oh today, so we dissect the four things that make him one of Hollywood’s genuine icons of style.

His genetics

Half-German, half-Irish — whatever his bloodlines, Fassbender’s DNA is something special. That granite jaw, those razor-sharp cheekbones, his trademark smirk and rugged stubble . . . oh, and that rig. You can hardly flick through a magazine profile of the A-lister without copping eyeful of Fassbender with his kit off — from a steamy shoot with Prometheus co-star Charlize Theron in W to a NSFW spread in Obsession — and anyone who’s seen that full-frontal scene playing a sex addict in the acclaimed 2012 flick Shame won’t forget that sight in a hurry.


Standing 183cm tall and tipping the scales at 76kg, Fassbender possesses the perfect frame for well-cut, slim-fitting suits, from bespoke three-pieces to shawl-lapel tuxedos on the red carpet. Tom Ford tuxes are a particular favourite for his appearances during awards season, while luxury London-based tailor Thom Sweeney gets a good run at premieres — a grey patterned suit at the 2014 premiere of X-Men: Days of Future Past and a textured three-piece at the Steve Jobs red carpet a year later, for instance. His elegant silhouette in the slim-cut suit is one of the reason’s he’s often touted as the next James Bond.



Away from the red carpet, Fassbender has mastered the basics of casual wear — V-necked tees and monochromatic linen shirts, slim leather jackets and dark denim, and everything fits impeccably. When you look like him, you don’t need to depend on loud patterns and bright hues to grab attention — Fassbender is comfortable in dark neutral colours like black and navy, and is always light on accessories. Unassuming, down-to-earth, and unmistakably masculine.


It doesn’t hurt that he’s one of the best actors in the caper, too — not to mention one of the most versatile. Steve Jobs, Macbeth, Carl Jung, Magneto, a British agent in a British agent in Inglourious Basterds, a robot in Prometheus, an Irish activist in Hunger, Mr Rochester in Jane Eyre, a slave-owner in 12 Years a Slave . . . since cracking the Hollywood mainstream at the start of the decade, there isn’t an actor on the planet with a CV that tops Fassbender’s, and that’s pretty damn stylish if you ask us.