Happy birthday, George Clooney

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One of Hollywood’s bona fide icons of style turns 56 today — and to celebrate the occasion, here are 10 things we love about George Clooney.

His silver locks

Think salt and pepper, think George Clooney. “Ageing gracefully” is a platitude usually reserved for men who’ve let themselves go but it truly resonates with Clooney, whose crop of silver hair adds that indescribable debonair, distinguished, sophisticated quality.


His tuxedos

Sure, he has the benefit of being snapped in formalwear every other day, but most of us don’t look nearly as good in formalwear. Clooney is a master of black tie, embodying that sense of old-school Hollywood glamour.


His wife

It takes a lot to steal the limelight away from the perennial sexiest man alive, but an international human rights lawyer with supermodel looks does just that. Hat’s off, Amal.


His appearances as Danny Ocean

Ocean’s Eleven — a remake of the 1960s Rat Pack film featuring fellow smouldering stars Brad Pitt and Matt Damon — was the film that truly launched Clooney from a TV favourite and hit-and-miss movie star into another stratosphere as one of Hollywood’s premier leading men in 2001.


His real estate portfolio

A priceless villa in Italy’s Lake Como (below), his primary residence in LA’s Studio City, a seaside retreat in Mexico’s Los Cabos worth more than US$100m, a 17th Century manor on the River Thames . . . but still yet to get a foot in the door of the Sydney property market.


His Caesar cut

The sight of heart throb Dr Doug Ross on ER in the mid-90s popularised the Caesar style but few imitations pulled it off quite as well as Clooney in his hospital scrubs. And let’s forget the peroxide blonde he rocked a couple of years later . . .


His arrivals at Cannes

The Lake Como local loves the Mediterranean lifestyle, and he’s made a habit of stylish arrivals by water at the Cannes Film Festival. Imagine a scene out of Wolf of Wall Street . . . except, you know, without all the sex, drugs, and criminal fraud.

His suits

George is a no-frills sort of guy — he sticks to a modern-cut Armani in black or charcoal, often dressed down with a crisp open-collared shirt sans tie. His wardrobe in general works with a monochromatic colour palette, which has become one of his style signatures.


His taste in drinks

His Nespresso ads are famous (below), but he’s a fan of stronger stuff, too. Clooney has also done commercials for Martini Vermouth, had a keg of Guinness installed in his trailer while he was filming Ocean’s Eleven, and has even founded his own line of award-winning tequila, Casamigos.


His portrayal of Batman

This campy 1997 adaptation opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger as Mr. Freeze — which enjoys the distinction of being the only portrayal of the Dark Knight to feature in-built nipples on the bat suit — is universally panned as a stinker, but at least it provides something to prop up Ben Affleck at the bottom of ‘best to worst’ Batman rankings.